Onboard Clients and Manage Your Agency Tasks With Ease

Finally a task management and onboarding solution designed for marketing agencies and consultants

“I have worked in Internet Marketing for over a decade. By far one on the biggest issues is project/customer management.

Evolutly, definitely offers an easy platform to manage your projects and the team members that you assign tasks to!

Any Internet Marketer would benefit from being better organized. Thanks for the great software tool!"

Glen Ingram - Owner of Web Search Pros

About Evolutly

Evolutly focuses on simple task management for marketing agencies, freelancers and consultants. 

Scale With Confidence

As you build your team Evolutly handles all of your task management.

Designed with agencies in mind, it's simple to view progress, onboard clients and assign employee tasks for every project. 

“Evolutly is a really great solution for organizing client SEO tasks and projects as well as managing and delegating tasks to outsourcers. ”

Greg Jeffries - Owner of IMSource Marketing

Manage Client Tasks

Manage all of your client tasks in one simple dashboard

Onboard Clients With Ease

Create custom onboarding intake forms for new clients

Track Virtual Assistants 

Assign tasks and keep track of projects

Designed For Ultimate Task Management

Designed For Digital Marketing Agencies

This software was designed with agencies and consultants in mind.

Most task management tools are very broad in nature and are not designed to work with how an agency would tackle task management.

Quick Insights

Want to know how far a client has progressed with tasks in a given month?

We give you a quick progress status you can view to see exactly how many tasks were completed for that client’s campaign at anytime.

White Label Reporting

Export task reports into a PDF using your own company logo and branding.

You can share these reports to show clients progress and keep them updated.

Client Task Management

Manage your client tasks with ease using a simple sub-task system for organizing your projects and to do lists.

Add Custom Training Videos 

Want to train your employees or virtual assistants on a specific task?

Add your own custom training videos and integrate them within your client tasks.

Customized Onboarding

Tired of hunting down emails and documents with all your clients information?

Create a customized on-boarding questionnaire for your clients asking questions about their company, password information and more to store inside of each client’s dashboard.

Template Management

Have a set series of tasks for each client?

Save templates for all of your tasks and import them across each client campaign. Easily implement a list of tasks you can use over and over again with new clients.

Unique Point System 

Use our integrated point system to assign a point value to your tasks.

You can tally up points based on an entire campaign and use points to add more weight to a given task.


What Agency Owners Are Saying About Evolutly

It takes an incredible amount of time and organization to run my marketing agency.

The funny thing is, that the more clients I get, the less time I have to keep my ducks in a row.

The new Evolutly software helps me to centralize all of my project workflow in one easily accessed area, and can keep my entire team on the same page. If your constantly wasting time double checking your project management like I was, I recommend picking up a copy of Evolutly.

Nick Ponte

Owner of Nick Ponte Marketing

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Manage Client Tasks With Ease

Manage your client tasks with ease using a simple sub-task system for organizing your projects and to do lists.

  • As a digital marketing consultant or agency the last thing you want to spend your time on is trying to understand where your clients progress is being made each month. 
  • Most task management tools are designed for anyone and everyone. They don't cater to the specific needs of monthly recurring digital marketing tasks.

Onboard Your New Clients Using Custom Questionnaires

Our onboarding process is simple. You can create a custom template each and every time you bring on a new client. 

Send them the questions and all of their data will be stored within your client's campaign so you never need to worry about losing those emails or documents again.

  • Stop hunting down documents and emails to find your client's website passwords or user information. 
  • Use customized templates to on-board your clients by asking the right information right from the start.

These Customers Love Evolutly

Evolutly not only solves the problem of easily managing our monthly client SEO tasks, clients love the transparency that they can log in to Evolutly at any time and see the status of work on their accounts.

Dave Wunsch

Owner of ProRank Digital

Evolutly could not have come at a better time!
My business has really grown in the last year and keeping track of VA’s work and allowing clients to see progress has been a challenge, until now.
I remember John being frustrated on trying to find a software like this but failed, so he created it himself. John is a true visionair in the digital marketing world!

Paul Leary

Owner of Are You On Page 1 Marketing

About The Creators

John Shea & Paul James

We created Evolutly based on our own "pain points" when working with clients on a day to day basis.

John was highly inspired by Trello during the build of the project. We specifically wanted features that catered to people running marketing agencies. 

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